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In this article, I'll go over protection spells for loved ones, protection charms, a few symbols of protection from harm, and some tips and tricks to help you get started with protection magic.

That is a fact: we live in an aggressive society. We can't ignore issues that are all around us for months, if not years, without feeling the consequences.

This reality is so shocking to those who are naturally peaceful that it takes a long time to rearrange thoughts and abilities to respond to provocation.

Some challenges inspire us to achieve our objectives or missions. Other challenges, on the other hand, must be avoided at all costs, which is where this article comes in.

How to Create a Protective Spiritual Plan

Using magic to solve a problem or achieve a goal does not mean that all difficulties are removed. That is why practitioners exercise caution when selecting a magic technique or a spell.

Getting ready and knowing what you're doing before, during, and after the spell casting is a great way to allow your magic to work and its effects to manifest.

Let's look at how to make a comprehensive spiritual plan for casting protection spells for your loved ones.

A comprehensive spiritual plan consists of the following elements:

A logical reflection on the goal or situation.

 Consider how magical and mundane actions will affect the outcome of other people's situations.

Create a positive support system around you. Rearrange the mind's schedule to accept success through thought, speech, and action.

Involve the Spirit as much as possible in what you do.

I understand that all of this seems a little complicated for such a simple spell, but if we learn to plan wisely, we will have a better chance of success.



Energies to Demonstrate 

Magic refers to actions that are intended to reject or activate universal energies. Negative energies are drawn away, while positive energies are drawn in.

As a result, practitioners engage in two types of positive magic: manifesting and forbidding (banishing). Making something happen is what manifesting entails. The term "ban" refers to the removal of something.

What’s the First Step to Protection Magic?

You will no longer be a victim, but rather a victor!

Protection spells are related to one's mood and common sense. This means you shouldn't be reckless, like going around half-drunk in the evening to the most dangerous area of your city, brandishing a protective amulet as if it were Cpt. America's shield.

If you do, it means you're looking for a fight. And maybe the universe will respond to your request!

Here’s a RULE: We mustn’t rely on the Black Magic

I've learned something else over the years of performing various rituals. If strange things start happening to you, don't rely on black magic; instead, seek help from the Spirit! The universe is attempting to communicate with you.

Why? Assume your house is on fire. Would you use more fire to extinguish the fire, or would you use water? Instead of fighting back with a spiritual openness and more light created by a white magic practice, black magic would mean bringing even more negativity into your life.

Perhaps you're on the wrong path, made a hasty decision, your friends aren't whom you thought they were and their activities bring negativity into your life, or you're wasting your time on a goal that diverts you from your purpose.

The Dark Side – Avoid if You Can!

Intelligent practitioners do not use magic to cause harm because they understand that evil has no real power. I've personally witnessed people turn to the dark side, convinced that Wiccans who do good are weak and that doing good is insufficient to combat evil.

So, reconsider. We are well aware that the world contains both order and chaos, and that both energies collaborate in the universe to create our world, but chaos does not imply evil, and true Wiccan will never engage in evil deeds.

I'm not saying you can't defend yourself if they hurt you; I'm just saying that there will be times in your life when you'll be enraged by some injustice. One person's evil does not cancel out another's. Rather than adding negative karma to our existence, we learn to banish that negativity and work with karma.

How Long Does it Take to Cast a Protection Spell?

Completing a protection spell or any magical activity can take as little as a few minutes or as much as a few weeks. Each protection spell has its own ritual and mission, so I recommend picking one and mastering it.

For example, if it takes me five minutes to put up a protective barrier against negativity in the family. However, if I try to assist a friend who is going through a difficult separation, I will need a lot more time. Don't give up if a spell doesn't work right away. Please try again. Reimagine it. The delicacy of the procedure and your willpower are more important than the complexity of the magical activity.

If you want to perform a spell that requires daily practice, such as repeating a certain prayer for 5/7/10 days in a row, and you are unable to commit to that kind of practice, simply skip that kind of spell and choose one to whom you can fully commit, being truly present and open to following its instructions in the long term.

When to Chant a Protection Spell?

Many witches use moon phases to determine the best time to perform a magical ritual. Although there are eight distinct moon phases, we will focus on five in particular:

1. A new moon signifies the beginning of something new.

2. Full moon – strength

3. Black moon – expel

4. Crescent moon – construct

5. Waning moon – rebuild and rework

So, how much longer must I wait before I see something happen?

You will be required to wait for as long as necessary. This is why:

1. Magic typically follows the path of least resistance, so unless you have a compelling reason to address it along a specific line of thought, simply let it go.

As a result, the more obstacles you place in the way of manifestation, the longer it will take to manifest; however, this does not mean that you should not be specific in your request.

2. Small goals are usually (but not always) more visible than large ones. Spreading salt around the house, for example, has an immediate effect, whereas working on a legal issue can take weeks, if not months.

Small goals typically take 24 hours to 30 days to manifest (an entire lunar cycle). If nothing happens within this time frame, the operation must be repeated.

The witches call this technique "from the moon to moon," because the cycle from full moon to new moon (or new moon to new moon) lasts about 28 days.

3. Magical techniques must be strengthened in order to achieve the most difficult goals. To achieve the goal, it may be necessary to use different types of magic each week.

Cast spells involving a large number of people usually take longer to manifest than events involving only one or two people. Each person involved will have an agenda (secret or not) that will stymie your success.

You must sit at a table and decide who the main actors in the drama are, as well as an invisible actor. There is always someone, somewhere, who, in the background, contributes to the spread of negativity.

4. Situations with multiple aspects must be separated, managed individually, and finally, work on the overall result must be completed.

For example, suppose your child was suspended from school because of:

(1) a companion's lie, and (2) why teachers don't want to hear the truth.

Even if the event culminated in a single action, we have two priorities here, not one, and one aspect can be resolved faster than the other. In our example, exposing the student may take 30 days, but influencing the "system" and winning may take 60 or 90 days.

Alternatively, it will be necessary to first persuade the teachers before the karma falls on the liar, who will be forced to come forward and tell the truth.

Negative thoughts will weaken the intent of magical work. You will create blocks if you are overly concerned with the end result.

Remember that sincerity and need to play a significant role in any protection spell. If it's Wednesday, the spell should be finished by Saturday, but if you really need to do it today, go ahead and do it.

Do I really need every ingredient to do the spell?

Most magical tasks are based on correspondences, energies, or aspects related to the activity's purpose. The goal of this article is to protect you.

You'll find a variety of ingredients for each spell, as well as some replacement ideas. These variations include the planetary hour, divinities, herbs, oils, basic astrology, totemic animals, secret alphabets, moon phases, colors, and elements.

Remember that you do not have to use all of the ingredients listed for each spell.

Don't use plant energies if you don't like working with them. Replacements are permitted.

I simply tried to provide you with a variety of options that I found useful.

Why does protection magic won’t always work? What can you do about it?

If magic does not work, if the spiritual plan fails, self-confidence should not suffer, in my opinion.

During a magical activity, I recommend saying to the Spirit, "...make the best thing happen for me..." By saying this, we allow the divine Spirit to guide us in our work.

Protections Charms, Stones, and Sigils Explained

Some people carry carved stones in their pockets, while others make talismans out of them and wear them as a necklace or bracelet.

Various powers are assigned to each type of material, so for the time being, it is sufficient to know which ones are required for spells that protect people.

Here are a few examples:

1. Blue beaded necklaces and horsehair are used to ward off the evil eye.

2. Wear onyx, jade, and lapis lazuli to sharpen your intellect.

3. To avoid the classic headache, wear a topaz, red agate, or amethyst bracelet.

4. Depression? Defend yourself with rubies and sapphires!

5. Get black agates if you want more courage or energy.

6. Women who have recently given birth can protect themselves and their newborn baby boy wearing a jet necklace and a horn.

A small piece of iron is inserted under the cradle pillow to protect the child from evil spirits. It's best to put it in a small bag so it doesn't become a hazard.

7. It appears that the jet is also beneficial for rheumatic pains and that by wearing it for fifteen days, it can heal. It also keeps bad dreams and evil thoughts at bay, which is why it should be kept under a pillow.

8. Continuing with the stones, jasper helps to prevent fever, while turquoise keeps evil witches at bay.

9. There are magical stones for good luck, love, health, and anything else you can think of.

Ancient Protection Symbols: Powerful Talisman Sigil of Solomon

Solomon, a once-powerful magician, was not only a great king, but he could also rule over the world of spirits and other invisible forces that aided his people.

He aided them, according to legend, with a magic ring he carried with him. This ring has a hexagram engraved on it. It was known as the Solomon's Sigil.

This amulet is shrouded in mystery. It has so many advantages that it is impossible to list them all. It is one of the most powerful ancient protection symbols.

The sign guards against various negative influences, also known as the evil eye. It shields us from black magic and evil spirits. Witches who practice magic use the sigil to protect themselves during rituals or other occult techniques, acting as an energy shield against evil and demons.

Keep in mind that simply possessing a Sigil of Solomon will not suffice. The most important thing is to channel the powerful positive energy you generate into your own Sigil of Solomon.

For example, I rely on Fatima's hand that a dear friend gave to me as a lucky charm. Given with love and respect, I use it to protect myself from negative people and negative energy, which, as you may be aware, is always lurking around the corner!

Let’s Take a Look at a List of My Favorite Protection Spells For Loved Ones

Authentication Ritual (Do this Before Every Ritual)

It is found that the self-worship ritual performed before a spell greatly helps to focus on the goal.

You can write your own ritual, or you can use the following.

Take three deep breaths.

  • Imagine a silvery light that flows into your body. It is the energy of the Moon Goddess.

  • Take three deep breaths. Imagine a golden light flowing into your body. It is the energy of the Sun God.

  • Take three deep breaths. Imagine a white light flowing into your body. It is the joint energy of the Universal Life Force or Universal Love.

Speak the following words:

“Blessed be my feet that walk the path of mystery.
Blessed are my knees bending before the sacred altar.
Blessed be my heart, molded-in beauty and love.
Blessed be my lips, who pronounce sacred names.”

Open your arms to welcome protection and love. Then bring it back slowly to your heart to indicate that you have accepted these gifts, and end with these words.

So be it. Now you can start casting.

1.The God Janus Protection Spell

In the process of casting this spell, we will have to request some assistance from Janus, the two-faced Roman god of all beginnings.

Difficulty: Beginner-friendly

Effectiveness: 4/5


  • Half a cup of coffee;

  • A piece of butter;

  • The names of the people who obstruct you written on a piece of paper;

  • A coffee filter;

  • A clean bowl.


How it’s done

  1. Put a filter in a bowl, and on this filter, there should be indicated the magic symbol, rune, or the name of the god or goddess you have chosen. The two-faced god Janus is particularly suitable for this magical activity.

  2. Add butter and heat it along with a filter.

  3. Put a piece of paper with names (or just one) on the top of a filter.

  4. Pour in a warm coffee on the mixture.

  5. Ask Janus for help to remove these individuals from your life.

  6. Once the spell is completed, throw away the mixture far away from home.

This is one of the strongest protection spells from enemies, to fight back any negative energy cast towards you, your life, and your goals.

If you can repeat the spell after one week from the first casting to see results. It’s not mandatory but it’s a great plus.



2. The Touch and Burn Spell

This is a classic White Magic spell that serves to protect your belongings.

If you want to protect a certain area of your life you can use an item linked to it to make it happen. For example: if you want to protect your finances you can cast a spell on your wallet, if you want to protect a project, cast the spell on a folder with all your documents about it, if you want to protect someone you love you can cast the spell on one of his/her belongings or if you want to protect the relationship you have with someone you cast a spell on an item strictly related to you and this other person.

This is not an easy spell but it’s still very powerful. If this is your first time casting a similar kind of spell, try something easier and more beginner-friendly at first, and then give this more advanced one a try.

Difficulty: Advanced

Effectiveness: 4/5


  • A pin or a nail;

  • A white candle;

  • The object you want to protect (a wallet for example).


How it’s done

  1. Heat the tip of the pin or nail, then engrave your name in a candle, then light it.

  2. When flame calms down, close your eyes and visualize the light of a candle in the darkness of your mind.

  3. If you can’t, try to “hear it.”

  4. Continue to practice until you feel that you have mastered it.

  5. In the end, put your hands on the object you want to protect, and say these words.

       “If you touch it you will burn!”

6.Keep repeating these words while touching the object.

7.See the heat and light from the candle that penetrates the object, making it too hot for anyone who wants to touch it without your permission.

8.Visualize the pentacle symbol above the object.

9.Finally, let the candle burn out.


To reinforce the spell you need to:

  • Cast it on Sunday, at the time of the sun.

  • Cast it on the full moon.

  • Repeat everything once a month.

  • Add a personal security seal on the object.

As I said, you can protect almost everything, your car, house, bag, art, expensive jewelry, etc. It’s definitely one of the strongest protection spells from enemies.

3. St. Brigid’s House Protection Spell

If you sense some negative energy around your home, or if you believe someone you know is sending negative vibes your way and you need protection, this is a fantastic spell to bless and protect your home from harm.

It's a spell for expert witches because it only requires prayer and, while it may seem strange, working with the power of prayers, affirmations, and more is far more difficult to do because you need to focus and commit completely to allow it to work.

Spend some time getting ready for this and see how it goes.

Difficulty: Advanced

Effectiveness: 4/5

How it’s done

  1. Choose the divinity that best represents your sense of the Divine.

For this spell, I usually work with Brigid, a Celtic goddess of water and fire, whose healing energies will help purify a home which was violated by violence, heated discussions, or other negative manifestations.

If you are not comfortable with this kind of invocation, choose to refer to some god/goddess you feel a connection with and that inspires protection and safety.

St. Brigid’s day is one of the four most important festivals of the Celtic tradition, and we celebrate it on February 1st (Candelora).
The totem of this goddess is a cow, so diary offerings (such as milk) are welcome.

  1. Visualize the four elements throughout the house, imagining that negativity is banned from every room.

  2. Once finished, stand in the middle of the room and say this invocation:

“I’m the wind on the sea.
They are an ocean waves.
I am the roar of the sea.
I am a powerful ox.
I’m the hawk on the cliff.
I am a drop of dew in the sun.
I am the force of art.
I am a spear with loot engaged in battle
I cleaned the stony place on the mountain.
From the cellar to the attic, from the window to the door,
from the roof to the garden, I fill this house
protective energy of (Name of the chosen deity)
and I ask that the people here reside
the blessings are dispensed.
So be it!”

Renew this ritual every six months.

To reinforce the spell you need to:

  • Act with the full moon.

  • Cast it on a Monday (family matters) or Sunday (business matters).

  • Cast it when the moon is in Cancer or Virgo.

  • Act in the time of the moon.

  • Repeat every year, possibly on February 1st and New Year.

This ancient Celtic poem magically affirms your sovereignty over the house you live in. You can also use it as a protection spell for someone else.

You can do to your loved one’s house and cast this spell for them if someone close to you feels some protection is needed. Just focus on that home and feel like you are a vessel from protection to get to your loved ones and their place and make it happen! You’ve got this!




4. The Blessed Button and Enchanted Cord Spell

This is one of the love and friendship-based protection spells.

You can cast it not only for yourself but also for a friend. If a friend of yours requests protection if he or she believes something negative is surrounding him or her, and you want to assist him or her, this is the spell to use.

I cast this spell numerous times and it always worked. When the people on whom you cast this protection spell feel a sense of renewed harmony and safety around them, you know it works. It could take up to seven days to manifest.

Difficulty: Advanced

Effectiveness: 5/5


  • Get a real button from every true friend, asking him to bless him with protection and love.

  • A chord (or a string of white cotton)


How it’s done

  1. Put the buttons on the cord, asking the divinity for protection, love, and luck.

  1. Use the lanyard for all kinds of protective magic, or carry it in your purse or briefcase to ensure good luck and protection.

  2. If you have a particularly difficult day, place the enchanted cord around your photo.

  3. “Say these words to enchant the button and turning it into a protection amulet
    As the chord is around the button
    So protection is around me (you)
    Supported, secured, safe
    A shield of protection is rising up.”


To reinforce the spell you need to cast:

  • it on Friday, in the hour of Venus.

  • in on a full moon day.

  • it when the moon is in Leo.

Not only for yourself, but you can also collect buttons for:
– A sick friend.
– A friend who moves into a new house.
– For friends who go to the university that is far away from home.

I recommend using this one as a protection spell for someone else.

5. The Handkerchief Enchantment Spell

This spell is beneficial for the protection of those who share your home.

So, if a member of your family requires protection, this is the spell to use. You don't need anything too fancy or difficult to come by. The most important thing you should do before casting this spell is to cleanse your mind.

Why? As you prepare to cast this spell on a family member, you may find that you have absorbed a little too much of his/her worry, fear, and sense of discomfort. Try to shake these feelings off and prepare to be open and positive as you work with this enchanted handkerchief to create this protection shield.

Difficulty: Advanced

Effectiveness: 5/5


  • A white handkerchief for each family member;

  • Blessed spring water; (you can use simple water and bless it on a night of new moon)

  • Sea salt;

  • Protective incense of your choice;

  • A photo of each family member.


How it’s done

  1. Lay handkerchiefs on a flat surface. They must be open, not bent.

  2. On each handkerchief sprinkle some spring water and sea salt. That will purify each one.

  3. Move each handkerchief over the incense three times.

  1. Put a picture on each one. You must know to who it belongs to.

  2. Place your hands on the first photo and say:
    “And the Spirit did miracles by the hands of the children of God,
    so that they could bring aid to the sick and fearful,
    to heal diseases and free them from evil spirits.”

  3. Visualize a pure white light that enters your body from the crown chakra (top of your head) and slowly descends towards the heart, arms, hands, and finally into the picture.

  4. If you lose your concentration or feel that you are finished, take a deep breath and seal the spell by making the sign of the cross with your hands over the photo and the handkerchief.

  5. Pick the next picture and a handkerchief and repeat the process.

When you are finished, thank the Spirit for the guidance.

Give the handkerchief to the person to whom it belongs, because they need to carry it, not you. It is going to work as an amulet for protection.

Renew this ritual every six months, or sooner, if you feel it necessary.

To reinforce the spell you need to:

  • Add a choice of protective herb mixture to the sea salt.

  • Cast it with the full moon.

  • Cast it on Monday, at the time of the moon.

  • Cast it on your birthday.

  • Add the name of a specific deity.

This spell works well, even if you want to protect our sick friend or a suffering pet.

My Thoughts

I tried to provide you with as many tools as possible to help you create these spells as easily as possible.

Some experienced witches may disagree with some of my sayings and/or rituals, but what I'm attempting to do here is simplify these spells for those who know nothing or only a little about the art of spellcraft.

Magic is not the difficult, dark, and complex practice that we are accustomed to seeing in movies or on the internet. Consider it an opportunity to explore yourself, connect with your true energy, and learn how to shine and spread your light into the world through magic.


6 Fundamental Notes for Protection Spells

Here are some fundamental rules of magic aimed at personal protection (or any other white magic), as well as an explanation of the most common things to be aware of before casting anything.

• The most important one: before turning to magic, do everything you can to protect yourself without rituals, that is, use all of your strengths and common sense to resolve a situation.

• If you are abused, don't keep it inside; instead, talk about it as soon as possible with someone you trust.


• Never target an innocent person. It is possible that if you cast a harmful spell, it will be deflected back to the one casting it – you.


• Don't put off acting until it's too late. You should have enough strength and courage to perform a protective ritual. Cast a spell as soon as possible before any negative energy becomes too strong and it becomes more difficult to combat.


• Do not ask the magic to protect you if you do something morally, ethically, or legally wrong. If you ask the universe to correct something you did wrong, it will ignore your request and set things right the way it sees fit, so be cautious.


• If you intend to cast a protection spell for a loved one, you must first obtain permission. If you want to make it without them knowing, you should only do so if your intentions aren't harmful. If you cast a spell with love and care, it may manifest with no negative effects or backfires.





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