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How to Use Black Salt for Protection?

How to Use Black Salt for Protection?

Before we continue

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Protection Spell With help of Black Salt

You've probably heard of black salt, also known as Witch's Salt. This article is intended to be a step-by-step guide to better understanding the power of this amazing magical tool.

Let's look at how to use black salt for protection by first understanding what it is and how to use it.

As I have stated in previous articles, when it comes to magic, we must educate ourselves. As we gain a better understanding of the tools we use, we must be able to recognize their potential and avoid doing things by chance.

When it comes to magical practices, awareness is a fundamental and basic element to begin with. Without a deep understanding of the practices you intend to implement, you risk interfering with the delicate threads of an energy balance that can be dangerous at times.


What’s black salt in magic?

To begin, when we talk about black salt, we must remember not to confuse it with the black salt that is used in the kitchen.

Everyone has heard of the black salt of Cyprus, the black salt of Hawaii, and the Indian black salt, which are all recommended for the preparation of many dishes in the culinary field.

These salts, without a doubt, have beneficial properties that can be used not only in the culinary field but also in magical and spiritual practices.

The black salt used by witches, on the other hand, is a tool created by a witch that is born from the union of salt with other ingredients and benefits from the energy processes implemented during its creation.

Here’s how to use it for protection

  1. Split the salt to draw a straight line in front of the windows, doors, and gate of your home.

  2. A little bag of black salt kept on/in a desk absorbs negative energies and removes gossip in the workplace.

  3. A handful of black salt under the bed removes nightmares.

  4. Putting a pinch of black salt in the water to wash the floors will protect the house.

  5. Throwing it behind an unwanted guest will keep them away from your house.

  6. It can be used to create circles of protection.

  7. It can be placed at the corners in each room to eliminate negativity and a circle of protection in that room, it is a great practice for bedrooms.


Origins of black salt

The source of black salt is largely unknown. Many attribute the origins of this practice to popular tradition, while others claim that it originated in the Hoodoo tradition and spread through the practice of Voodoo and Santeria. Still, some sources believe that the practice of black salt was already known to the Ancients, particularly in volcanic areas. Whatever its origins, black salt has always been a powerful ally of the witch in protection rituals.

From antiquity to the present day, and all the way through the Middle Ages, salt has been attributed with great power. Men recognized the great virtues of this natural element as early as the Neolithic period, and it has since been used to preserve food, preserving it from deterioration to seasoning dishes, in healing wounds, to purify the body, and to destroy.

Today, research has revealed what the Ancients knew for a long time: salt contains all of the trace elements and minerals required for human survival and that can maintain our physical and energy balances. Of course, we're talking about natural salt, not industrialized salt.

The answer is simple: as previously stated, salt has been used to preserve food and prevent deterioration due to its antibacterial and disinfectant properties.

Salt, in fact, has the ability to kill germs and bacteria, promote healing, and disinfect wounds. In other words, it has the ability to purify. Bio-energetic and magical properties, like many other natural elements, can be derived from manifested properties. As a result, the Ancients have always used salt for purification and healing rituals.

Black Salt symbolism

Black salt has always been considered a symbol of wisdom because it is connected with all the elements, as it is contained in sea water, the wind that brings the sea breeze, the land from which it is extracted, and it was thought in ancient times that it was also connected to the element fire for its ability to make the earth arid and burn the roots of plants, as well as their ability to dehydrate.


This latter belief does not appear to be so strange; in fact, it leads us to investigate another reason why salt has long been used to eliminate negative presences and energies. Its dehydration capacity is strictly linked to water absorption, and as a result, it was thought in ancient times that this capacity was strictly linked to the ability to absorb negative energies, moving them away from a body or object on which the salt was spread.

This logical analysis does not diminish its energetic or spiritual properties, but rather aids in our understanding of them.

The salt also retains its properties over time, it does not spoil, it is incorruptible, and because of its resistance, it gains even more power in the context of purification and protection rituals.

But why black?

The color black is associated with both life and death, and this ambiguity of meaning reminds us that life and death are two sides of the same coin, two petals of the same flower, stages of transition from one path to another.

Black is the color of the night, and it is associated with the absolute, the concept of emptiness, and creation in most ancient cultures. Black is the color of the dark, the dark in which the fetus develops inside the womb, in the protective embrace of the mother who shields it from the dangers of the outside world so that it can grow and develop.

This involves the deep sense of security and protection that we all associate with black salt as a protective magical tool. Black is also the color associated with the earth's womb, which protects the seed, nourishes it by assisting in the growth of the sprout, and then cares for the plant's roots, keeping them close to itself.

As a result, black is associated with the womb and protection, Mother Earth, and the mysteries of creation and birth. This is the color of the moon during its dark phase when the New Moon prepares us for the start of a new lunar cycle and protects us from the sight of spirits associated with chaos.

Considering all of the elements examined thus far, we should have gained enough knowledge to understand why black belt possesses such great power in and of itself.

A recipe for making black salt

The best time to make our black salt is during the New Moon phase because we will be able to use the energy provided by this moon phase, which favors creative processes and also allows us to take advantage of its high protection capacity.

The New Moon evokes the symbolism of Mother Earth's womb and its immense protective power. Furthermore, because the New Moon carries a great power of purification and healing, it will assist us if we want to use our salt for purification rites.



  • Salt

  • Charcoal

  • A pinch of black pepper

  • Incense ash

  • A mortar and pestle



Crush the pepper and charcoal until it becomes a fine powder. Add the salt little by little taking care not to add too much. Burn a handful of incense and then add it to the mixture.

Keep the black salt in an airtight container (it must not absorb moisture).

Testing your home for negative energies using black salt

If you want to know if a room is infested with negative energies, you must use this simple but millennium-old method. It appears that salt was associated with bad luck in ancient Rome. In reality, it was the salt's waste that brought bad luck.

In fact, it was customary to greet guests with a pinch of salt at the time (this shows even more of its importance). Unfortunately, if he fell as a result of this, it was a bad omen. Even today, it is said that dropping salt brings shame, though the reason for this is unknown.

The reason for this was that this valuable asset was expensive, and the trips to get it were dangerous. Wasting it was a terrible mistake, but thanks to salt, we can continue to learn how to detect the presence of negative energies.

My experience

My house was recently tested because my husband is convinced it is haunted. He has been saying this to me since the beginning, but I have to admit that aside from two or three unexplainable things happening to me, I have always felt safe here, but my husband, on the other hand, keeps seeing and hearing things, so I decided to give this ancient ritual a try.

If you're curious about the outcome, it was a big NO! Nothing negative is present, but my husband stated that not all spirits are evil, and I believe he is correct!

How to perform the testing ritual?

Salt testing is widely used to determine whether a room contains negative energies. This is how it's done:

Pour some coarse salt into a glass of water. Continue to add and mix until the last few grains are impossible to dissolve. The water must be salt-saturated. Place the glass in an area where you believe there are negative energies.

The water will evaporate over time, and the salt crystals will remain at the bottom: now is the time to find out the truth. Everything is in place if the crystals on the bottom are in order! Otherwise, if the grains are scattered in the glass, it indicates that there is some negativity present, and it is necessary to purify the environment.

How does salt, on the other hand, perceive negative flows? The saline saturation recalls the memory of the water and the lines of force associated with the physiology of things, and thus measures the levels of geopathic (the set of influences capable of promoting diseases in humans).

To put it simply, ordered, positive, and harmonic forces contribute to regular and coherent crystallization; otherwise, negativity generates chaos, which causes disharmony in crystallization.

A simple method is used to try to make the environment "harmonious" again by eliminating negative energy: mix salt, white wine vinegar, and pure water in a glass, then place it away in the room you want to purify.

If the salt has risen to the surface of the water after 24 hours, you must repeat the process; otherwise, you have achieved your goal of eliminating negative energy.

I tested my location and found it to be positive: negative energies are all around me. What should I do?

To protect your home, use black salt. It's the most efficient, effective, and powerful method. You can begin with something like that, and if you find it insufficient, you can always rely on me and my spell casting service!

I can create a customized spell based on what is going on in your home and in your life; just let me know what is going on and we'll figure out the best way to restore positivity, peace, and joy to your home. How would you use black salt to protect yourself? Which method piques your interest the most? Please let me know.

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