Powerful Black Magic Love Spells 

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Powerful Black Magic Love Spells ,Lost Love, Break Up,Ex back etc

Does Black Magic really exist? 

If you search the term "black magic love spells" on the internet, you will come across various sites of occultists, esotericism experts, and spiritual gurus who will tell you about the possibility of creating love spells using various magical methods. There are three types of magic: black magic, white magic, and red magic.

Red Magic focuses primarily on people's instincts, awakening in the partner who wishes to approach a strong sexual desire towards their target.

White Magic is thought to be more of a self-help practice (but it is not free from harmless rituals). Success is primarily determined by the self-confidence and strength that everyone possesses within them in order to overcome a difficult situation or approach a partnership without resorting to other expedients that can generally turn away pure of heart.


black magic and its most dangerous branch, witchcraft, of course.


If witchcraft employs a method aimed at inflicting physical and psychological pain on the victim, they will only be able to break the spell when they no longer oppose it. Instead, black magic depersonalizes the target, attempting to deprive it of its own free will and subject it to the client's power or the person who commissioned the spell.

In fact, the exact term to define a love bond through black magic is the spell, which we have all heard of, and not in a positive way. People are scared of the spell because it is, in every way, a curse directed at the target.

According to popular beliefs, if a love that is bound by black magic succeeds, the target will exhibit various symptoms. Let's find out which one it is.


A little bit of history of black magic love


Love spells originated and is generally performed using organic parts such as hair, body fluids, or even menstrual blood (although the latter component is seen as a low technique of witchcraft), foods (such as citrus fruits, particularly in Sicily), plants, and other items such as photos, amulets, and personal items.

Love spells with black magic have a very rich folk tradition in France, and some techniques are very similar to those used by the Italians. To give birth to the passion, it appears that you must use the heart of a pigeon pierced by pins (no matter how many pins, all that matters is that they are an odd number), throws it in a fire of vine shoots, and recite the following formula at the same time: ‘I want the heart of (name of the loved one) to burn with love for me as the heart of this pigeon burns in the fire.' Then recite as many 'Our Fathers' as the number of hours indicated on the clock at that precise moment.

It was said in a small town in the ancient French province of Dauphiné, more specifically in Villard-de-Lans, that in order to make themselves loved, the boys would have to roll naked in a rose garden on the night between April 30 and May 1. A practice that is undoubtedly fraught with physical pain.

It was enough for girls to make the boys of their desires drink a few drops of menstrual blood mixed in wine or a cup of coffee, a practice that is still practiced in Italy.


A common black magic practice

Another popular love formula, which may differ depending on where you live, is as follows.

On the first Friday of the month, at nightfall and the rising of the brightest star, tie a knot with a red cord 19.5 inches (50 cm) long by repeating the following formula 9 times in a row:

“Enam, Binah, Sator,

Arepa, Tenet, Opera,

Rotas, Hod, Kheter,

Chokmce, Tedulah,

Sardach, Io, Netzah”.

You then express your strong feelings for the desired person by saying the following formula: "(Name of loved one), I wish you with all my heart and all my body, may you feel my desire again."

It is recommended that the ritual be repeated the following 8 nights, at the same time of day or night, and that the cord with its 9 knots be worn on the left wrist.

If a love talisman is required, this formula can be modified by replacing the rope with a piece of virgin parchment about 18 inches (45 cm) in diameter.

The above formula must be written in black ink on the parchment, including it in concentric circles, while the word Scheva must be written in red in the center.

To this is added, on the back of the parchment, the design of a single circle around which the kabbalistic names of Venus (Ahea, Haghiel, Kedemel, Seraphim, Ox) will be transcribed, separated by the corresponding magical signs, while the name of the desired person will be written in the middle of the circle, within two parallel lines.

Speaking of Venus (or Aphrodite in its Latin sense, or even Goddess of Love), here is another variation on the theme: write your name and that of your loved one in ink on a 12 inch (30 cm) red ribbon, along with the Venus symbol. Then, wrap this tape three times around your left wrist, being careful not to press the inscriptions against the skin, and say your name, Venus's name, and your loved one's name at each turn.

These are just a few of the techniques used to get the desired person's full attention.

When is the best time to use black magic?

Night Time and Full Moon Spell Day is the perfect time to use black magic

Facts about Black Magic love spells

Using black magic to bind a man or woman to yourself, seeking help from an occultist, or searching for magical love formulas to achieve your goals is usually the last resort for a desperate person who can no longer live without their partner, who would like the person with whom you are in love with to share their feelings without sometimes sparing the option of wiping out the person with whom you are in love with.

The result of this practice, which many invoice customers prefer to forget, is not paid love, but rather the submission of the other to their own will.

Black magic seeks to manipulate the victim, deprive them of their individuality, and haunt them, ultimately leading to their total surrender and annihilation of decision-making power. Those who use black magic to create love binds are well aware that the target who should be at their side after successful workmanship will no longer be the same person as before, but the desire to have them at their side and completely dominate them is stronger, literally visceral.

Furthermore, if witchcraft practices are used, the victim may experience more serious bodily and psychic problems, such as nausea, depression, headache, and other ailments, which can only be removed when the target completely surrenders to the spell.


list of black magic love spells

1.Black Magic Attraction Spell

This is the right spell for you if you want to attract your loved one, strengthen your relationship, or create a deeper connection.

Difficulty: Advanced

Effectiveness: 4/5

Things you need


  • One black and one white rose

  • A book with love poems

  • A black handkerchief


How it’s done


  • First, we need to get eight petals from each rose. As we begin to read the book of poems, we will continue to place the rose petals among the leaves and the stems. Once finished, you must close the book and keep it closed until the next full moon.


  • On the night when the moon is brightest, you will need to layout the black handkerchief and then we will proceed to shred them with the hand of the devil, the left, while we think about the great love we want to conquer.


  • Once we have collected the petals, we place them in the handkerchief, it must be tied, first taking two of the opposite ends and then the other two, so that you would create a small bag.


  • So, with the hand of goodness, the right hand, we will hold it very tightly on our heart, and together you will have to repeat aloud what you feel and what you want.


  • Once this process is complete, you will have to spread the shredded petals in your pockets, shoes, or around your loved one. In no case will you have to mix it in his drink, since ingestion can cause the refusal of those who we wish to regain.


2.Black Magic Lost Love Spell

Difficulty: Advanced

Effectiveness: 4/5

Things you need

  • Two stones (one white, one black)

  • Two ribbons (one red, one black)


How it’s done

  • If you are faced with the need to recover a lost love, we must hold the two stones, and you will have to make a central hole in the stones, pass a red ribbon through the hole of the white stone and a black ribbon in the hole of the black stone.


  • Imagine these two stones are your heart and, when you hit the center of each stone, visualize you creating space into your loved one and into your heart for a connection between the two of you.


  • If the stones cannot be holed, another option is to tie them apart with the corresponding ribbons. Next you will have to tie and unite them very tightly with a knot so that they remain intertwined.


  • These stones must remain united until love returns, after which they must be thrown into a lake.



3.Black Magic Spell to Seduce a Man

Difficulty: Expert Witch

Effectiveness: 5/5

Things you need

  • Seven red candles

  • Jasmine incense

  • A photograph of the man you want to submit to you


How it’s done

  • Undress completely.

  • Arrange the seven red candles in a circle and light them one by one by reciting this magic formula:

  • “In the name of Aletto, Megara, and Tisiphone. My will be done. Your will be done. For a soul and a body. For a body and a soul. My will be done. Your will be done”.

  • Light the jasmine incense and clutching the photograph of the man recite these words thirty times:

  • “For Aletto, you obey me. Per Megara, you perish me. For Tisifone, hear me”.

  • Every time you repeat the magic words try to increase the intensity of your voice and intensely visualize the image of the man in question completely submissive to you.

  • Let the candles burn out and keep the photograph under your bed indefinitely.


4.Black Magic Spell for a Man to Leave his Wife

Needed for the Magic Ritual:

Difficulty: Expert Witch

Effectiveness: 5/5


Things you need

  • A handkerchief with the seed of the desired man

  • A glass bottle with a stopper

  • White rum


How it’s done

Insert the handkerchief on which the desired man’s seed is into the glass bottle and close it tightly.

Bury the bottle upside down near a cemetery or near the man’s house.

Pour some white rum around the point where you buried the bottle forming a cross, then leave the place without looking back.


5.Black Magic Break Up Spell


Difficulty: Expert Witch

Effectiveness: 5/5


Things you need

  • Two photographs (one for each of the spouses)

  • Blessed water

  • Incense (of any kind)

  • Needle and black thread


How it’s done

  • Consecrate the photos with blessed water by reciting this magic formula three times:

  • “I baptize you, you are (name of the people)”.

  • Light the incense and pass the photographs in its fumes.

  • With needle and black thread sew the two photos together back to back, after which recite this plea three times passing again the photos through the incense fumes:

  • “Just as the face of (partner name 1) is placed opposite to the other, so the face of (partner name 2) is opposite to that of (partner name 1)”.

  • When you are done, with your left-hand trace three crosses on the photographs and hide or bury the photographs in the house of the “victims” or nearby.

  • Would you give black magic love spells a try? Have you ever cast one to create the love life you’ve always envisioned? Let me know in the comment section below.





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