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Moon Spells

Introduction Spells necessitate thought, preparation, and an awareness of the appropriate technique in order to ignite the magick that you will be calling. A successful ritual is one that is well-organized. Working with natural components, timing, and certain arrangements brings us into alignment with the universal life force energy. The smart spell caster does not rush the natural flow of energy that moves like a current in the unseen and instead waits until everything is in order. Harmonize yourself with these preceding details, and you will be able to experience the strange and supernatural aspects they evoke. Act competently in your efforts, and you will be rewarded with the fruits of a well-done assignment.

When Should You Cast Your Spell?

Use the phases of the Moon to set the tempo for these spells. Be patient and wait for the appropriate phase, or you may not achieve the desired outcomes. For ease of reference, I give the optimum phase or phases of the Moon in which to execute your spells, as well as the spell itself. However, here is some more information that will help you understand how I selected the ideal phase of the Moon for each spell. This will also help you when crafting your own spells for any occasion.
The Moon's Various Phases
When you see the first sliver of light in the sky, this is referred to as the crescent Moon. This stage encourages fresh starts, pursuits, and relationships. It is a time to make positive changes, explore for new job chances, and plant seeds of ideas that will be harvested later.


The Moon looks to be rising in size during this phase, transitioning from new to full as though it is gaining strength. It stands to reason, then, that now is a good moment to focus on growing your own assets—your knowledge, financial accounts, and relationships. It's time to think about pregnancy and to enhance all forms of communications, whether for business or pleasure. If you want to make money, you should deal with legal issues. This stage encourages healing.

The most dramatic phase of the Moon, when we can view her complete lit face. This is a season for fulfilment, activity, and improved psychic capacity, as well as for honing ideas, "getting your act together," celebrations, and renewing commitments to people or initiatives. This is the optimum time for any type of spell.


As it moves from full to dark, the Moon shrinks in size. The Waning Moon represents reduction, release, letting go, and completion. It's a great time to start dieting, breaking bad habits, breaking up with someone, or dealing with legal issues.


The two or three days when the Moon is completely obscured in the sky. The dark Moon and the new Moon are frequently regarded to be the same phase, however for our purposes, I have divided them. On a standard calendar, the dark Moon is commonly represented by a black spot. The black Moon, on the other hand, appears on the day it is indicated, as well as one day before and one day following. This is an excellent time to get rid of things in your life that you don't need, as well as reflect on what you've already accomplished and what you want to accomplish in the future. A fantastic cycle for finding time for oneself, or if you like, for seclusion.

The Year's Moons

Every month, there is a full Moon. A blue moon occurs when there are two full Moons in the same month. Every calendar year, there is a Blue Moon. The Moons of each month were given various names by the ancients. Different cultures assigned different titles to the Moon in order to represent what the Moon meant to them during a given month. Some Moon names make sense, but others may make no sense at all unless you understand the logic behind them.


Wolf Moon is the common name for the month of January.

Uncommon Name: Chaste Moon—As the new year begins, it is time for cleansing and rejuvenation; it is a time for starting over, washing away the old, and making new beginnings.

Ice Moon is a common name. Hunger Moon—With winter's supplies gone, the yearning for spring is a hunger of the soul as much as the stomach.

Storm Moon is a common name. The worm is an uncommon name. Moon—As the earth thaws and earthworms emerge from the damp earth under the moonlight, there is a revival of life.


Growing Moon is a common name. Pink Moon—In the spring, the meadows are filled with the pink heads of wildflowers and fresh grasses.

Hare Moon is a common name. Milk Moon—The birth of animals, both domestic and wild, brings forth the mother's milk, the life-giver and first meal for man and beast.

Mead Moon is the common name for the month of June. Dyad Moon—The Moon of Gemini, this period honours twins and the sacred marriage of the god and goddess, bringing two into one.


Hay Moon is a common name. Wort is an uncommon name. Moon—Because wort is an ancient word for herbs, it is the Moon for gathering herbs, restocking medicinal plant reserves, and drying them in the heat of summer for the long winter ahead.


Corn Moon is a common name. Dispute Moon—The earth mother gives birth to a rich crop; with full tummies and hope for the future, we settle our conflicts and put away old animosity as we look forward to the long, tranquil winter ahead.


Harvest Moon is a common name. Vine Moon—The Celtic Moon of excitement, driven by forces of work to complete—the harvest, winemaking, and insight into the future.


Blood Moon is a common name (a time of hunting) Shedding Moon—the Moon on which deer shed their antlers and begin the rut—the powerful desire to produce new life that outweighs the loss of winter.

Snow Moon is a common name. The Celtic tree months of the Reed and the Elder tree overlap, with the reed signifying the Moon of silence, inner workings, and strength and the elder representing the Moon of completion; the days shorten as the end of the year approaches.

Cold Moon is a common name. Uncommon Name: Oak Moon—Sacred tree of the ancients, powerful enough to weather the coldest winter, rejuvenation of the new year, bridging two realms, as the oak tree's roots are in the dark soil and its branches are in the sky


Where Should You Cast Your Spells?

Although location is crucial, you must also be realistic and do what is best for you. There are advantages and disadvantages to everything, including where to cast a spell. Some will argue that there is nothing like the outside to spin your witchcraft. However, if you reside in downtown Los Angeles, Detroit, Atlanta, or New York, it is not a good choice. As we live in modern times, the noise of speeding cars and construction vehicles outside may be too much. Ambulances, airplanes, railroad trains, and automobile horns, for example, were not a problem in medieval times. As a result, focus on the present moment rather than our predecessors' circumstances. Consider your geographical region and the possibilities available to you. Inside, it is simpler to cast spells since the wind will not blow out your candles, you have power for music, there is solitude, and there is also safety. If feasible, attempt to find a location where you can see the Moon while using the Moon's powers.


Above everything, make yourself at ease. If you have a room in your house where you can see the Moon but are not relaxed, don't utilize it. Use a representation of the Moon if you're doing your spell during the day or if you're somewhere without windows or a view of the sky. An image of the Moon (create your own if you want) or anything that resembles the Moon works great. Most garden centers sell terra clay Moon decorations, or you may construct one out of cardboard or whatever you have on hand. A Moon pendant or pin will suffice. Be imaginative; anything that represents the Moon is appropriate. Keep in mind that your privacy is essential. No one else should be in the room with you unless they are directly involved in this ceremony. If you have a large family and are having trouble finding a quiet area to be alone in, you may always go to the bathroom. It may sound amusing, but I cast one of my best spells in the bathroom of a Holiday Inn while sharing a room with a companion who was not of the same mind. Outside Doing a spell outside is ideal since you are surrounded by nature. The bulk of people, however, do not have acres of land where they may be assured of seclusion.


Even if you're at a park or on the beach, there's a chance you'll attract bystanders and passers-by. A backyard is functional, but if you have noisy neighbors, barking dogs, or an unexpected delivery person, it is not a smart idea. Keep in mind that you should not be attempting to attract attention. If you are discrete, your power will be more effective. If you are fortunate enough to have a privacy fence or a large amount of land surrounding you, you may choose to give it a try. If it is a windy day, candles may not function. (For further information on how to deal with this scenario, see the candle section.) Whatever you do, make sure you feel safe at all times. If you cast your magic in the evening and are terrified of being discovered, you will ruin the purpose. Why complicate your spell? For outdoor spells, a group of people is usually preferable. Weigh the benefits and drawbacks before making a decision. I've cast spells both inside and outside, and the outcomes haven't been any better one way or the other. I must confess, though, that if you have the opportunity to do magick in the midst of nature, make use of it. The experience is enthralling.

Magick of the Trees

If you are able to use the wonders of the outside world and live in a region with numerous trees, you may wish to cast your spell under or near a specific tree. It could be a tree that gives you a "nice feeling" or a specific tree that has a distinct trait that you seek. I cast numerous spells in my own backyard under an orange tree. Many cultures believe that trees have therapeutic abilities and can eliminate negative energy from a person without causing harm to the tree. This is why, every now and again, a stroll through a national forest or a local park might help you relax. If you cast a spell near a special tree, take a moment to experience the energy of that tree. Thank the tree for the vibration it is sending your way. A tree, according to Native Americans and other civilizations, embodies a living spirit. Don't be startled, but embracing trees is more prevalent than you might imagine. Sometimes a tree has a property that we require—something that has been exhausted in our own bodies. As a result, we must restore that critical force. These are the trees we are usually drawn to since they can refresh us without depleting themselves. For example, if your interest in romance has been nearly non-existent owing to circumstances in your life such as overworking, traveling, or simply being single, you may feel compelled to approach or even embrace an oak tree. The oak is known to stimulate sexual desire! "Whatever is risked, nothing is gained." The following is a shortlist of trees that are claimed to express aspects and essences of their nature. Peace, protection, prosperity, and strength are all associated with ash. Birch: new beginnings, wound and burn healing Cedar represents bravery, longevity, fortune, self-esteem, and cleansing. Coconut Palm represents purity, honor, and leisure. Cypress: past life concerns, consolation, and protection; aids in the grieving process for any loss. Elder: metamorphosis and change, restful sleep, and self-assurance Elm: provides shelter and concentration; prevents deformation. Eucalyptus: protection, healing, and moon affinity Lilac: stimulates the chakras (energy centers), aids in the treatment of back problems Lime: divination, growth, and cleaning Magnolia represents faithfulness, change, relaxation, and peace. Maple represents longevity, love, and wealth. Myrtle represents fertility, balance, youth, and wealth. Oak improves sexuality, luck, and strength. Pear: clarity, energy, confidence, stress reduction Pecan: career and job search difficulties, money, and discipline Prosperity, purification, health, and exorcism are all associated with the pine tree. Plum represents love and healing, as well as self-assurance. Poplar: astral projection, knowledge, mental restoration, and a fresh start Walnut can help with depression, healing, and infertility. Willow represents wishes coming true, seductiveness, protection, and healing energies for the sick. The magick in trees does not have to be awakened only when performing Moon rituals but may be accessible at any time as a natural source of replenishment for your body, mind, and spirit. Always express your gratitude to the tree in silence with a nod of your head for allowing you to receive its specific essential qualities and for absorbing your negativity. For the record, the tree is not hurt by this procedure; instead, it shakes your energy away through the elements and is replenished in seconds.




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