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Extreme Powerful Money spell | Wealth Spell | Lottery Spell | Get Rich Spell

Extreme Powerful Money spell | Wealth Spell | Lottery Spell | Get Rich Spell |

Before we continue

Casting your own magic spells requires skill and patience, and it is generally not recommended to do so alone. These “do it yourself” articles are provided for educational purposes only; it is strongly advised that you consult an experienced spell caster such as myself and allow me to do the work for you.

This way, you know it's being done by someone knowledgeable and experienced, and I'm always available to answer questions about your casting and provide follow-up at no extra charge.


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Extreme Powerful Voodoo Money spell | Wealth Spell | Lottery Spell | Get Rich Spell |

Different spells can be cast in the world of magics, each in its own unique way, depending on the purpose of the spell. From the most fundamental love ties to those with a healing purpose... You can find a spell for almost anything you want. This article will discuss my favorite Voodoo money spells and rituals.

Aside from spells and rituals, I've also compiled a list of materials required to carry out these spells.


if you are going to perform voodoo magic on yourself, you must first understand how these spells work.

  • To begin with, the universe is infinite.

  • There are numerous realities, and we, as humans, can experience and connect with nearly all of them.

  • Prayers have been used by practitioners of all religions since ancient times. Prayers and spells are both forms of magic.

  • Spells, when performed correctly, summon spirits to assist us without regard for our desires.

  • We communicate with our ancestors' guardian spirits by connecting with other subtle beings.

  • So, when we perform voodoo magic, we reconnect with our guardian spirits, clearly indicate what kind of assistance we require, and, in some ways, change our destiny.

  • But why are simple prayers insufficient?

  • To put it simply, most of the sentences available are ineffective.

  • The issue is that they have been rewritten numerous times.

  • And if you're a seasoned witch, you know that a single word placed incorrectly can have a significant impact on the outcome.

  • Another significant fact is that most so-called prayers these days are dedicated to God.

  • Whatever religion you follow, it makes no difference; you can never ask God for anything; everything you need is already provided; what you do with it is entirely up to you.

  • However, when it comes to our ancestors' guardian spirits, the story is quite different.

  • They are the ones who look after us. However, with all of its entertainment, modern history has made us forget about the connection we have with these spirits. As a result, our protectors are sometimes powerless to assist us.

  • Words are not as important in voodoo money spells or almost any other voodoo spell as the rituals we perform.



Furthermore, you must believe in yourself and your abilities.

What do you need to do before you begin casting?

1. Be aware of moon phases

Many witches consider the phases of the moon, the time of day, and other astrological configurations that they believe are critical to the effectiveness of any spell.

A spell that aims to create a kind of new beginning, for example, should be cast when the moon is growing, so that the desire can come true when the moon is full.

2. Be aware of the colors

Different magical systems assign different meanings to different colors. Once you've determined what they're for, choose one or two colors to match your spell and use colored candles or crystals to participate in the ritual.


3. Use herbs, oils, stones, and natural objects

All of these elements have a magical meaning for experienced occultists. Go to a new age store and gather the materials needed to energize your spells.

In the green magic section, I've written a lot about these topics.

4. Recalls the benevolence of the higher powers

Occultists summon a wide range of deities and religious figures to aid them in their work.


Find a spiritual symbol system that works for you and use it in your spells.

But be cautious: some of these spirits have their own will and ideas, and if you can't control them, they can manipulate your intentions.


The law of attraction

According to the law of attraction, any event, whether positive or negative, has an effect on us.

For example, if a friend loaned you money precisely when you needed it, even if he/she was unaware of it, it was you who attracted him by using this law.

In the same way, you attracted the teacher, classmate, client, and colleague who drove you insane. The law of attraction is always at work in every aspect of your life; even reading this article is not by chance.

There are three fundamental steps to take: ask, believe, and receive.

The goal of this article is to examine the three steps in a straightforward and practical manner.

Relax your thoughts. Meditating for 5-10 minutes boosts the effectiveness of your work and quiets your mind.

Define your goals clearly and have faith in yourself. Remember that you are sending a request to the universe through your thoughts. It is critical to know exactly what you want.

Doubts will result in an uncertain and unclear request, which may result in unfavorable results. So make certain that you truly desire what you are requesting.

Send your wish to the universe. Because the universe cannot hear your words, you will not need to speak. Thoughts, feelings, and images will be sufficient. The universe will respond in kind.

It is critical that you believe your requests will be met. Viewing and imagining ourselves in possession of the desired objects is an important part of everything we do.

The more specific your requirements, the better.

It's palpable. Feel as if your wishes have already been granted. Act, speak and think as if the events were taking place right now.

This is the key. This is the fundamental and necessary point for the law of attraction to function.

The universe can sense your thoughts and emotions, and if you show confidence, it will respond by making your dreams come true.


Voodoo money spells and rituals




1.27 coins Voodoo spell for wealth

This is one of the simplest voodoo spells for money that you can cast.


Difficulty: Beginner-Friendly

Effectiveness: 3/5


 Things you need

27 coins of any kind. Coins obviously mean the wealth you want to earn.

Flower pot. This has a more subtle meaning. Flower-pot means its surroundings. It is where you want to grow your wealth and prosperity.

It is recommended that you have a candle nearby


How it’s done

  • This spell needs to be performed in the morning when the sun begins to rise.

  • Do it in a quiet room.

  • Light the candle and place the pot on the floor.

  • Take three coins, close your eyes, and say these words:

  • “I call the guardian spirits of the mine. They are leading my way at this moment, as I think is right.”

  • Now throw these three coins into the vase, open your eyes and blow out the candle.

  • This gesture shows that you are ready to give something to get something you want in return.

  • Perform this spell every morning for the next nine days. In the end, bury the vase with coins in the ground.

  • Of all the money spells with voodoo, this is the easiest to perform. But still, don’t be reckless.


2. A powerful Voodoo self-purification spell

A Voodoo self-purification spell

If you believe that evil forces are conspiring to keep you from achieving wealth and prosperity, cast this spell!


Difficulty: Advanced

Effectiveness: 4/5



Things you need

  • Seven dried dandelion flowers

  • A black candle


How it’s done

  • Take a hot bath.

  • Crumble the seven dried dandelion flowers into the water by reciting this magic formula seven times:

  • Bare vindeca bare!

  • Light the black candle and immerse yourself in the water, then repeat this seven times:

  • By virtue of the Gods, of the universe, of the Blessed and Almighty Gods I adore. Bare and Vindicate. Cleanse my body. Bare and Vindeca. Purge my soul. Free her from evil. Protect her from evil spirits. So be it.

  • Put out the candle in the water.

  • Meditate for a few minutes, visualizing your body as if it shone with light. Then get out of the water.


3.Powerful Voodoo spell for luck

I hope you enjoy visiting churches because you will need to do so in order for this spell to work.


Difficulty: Advanced

Effectiveness: 3/5


Things you need

  • A clove of garlic

  • Parsley

  • Salt

  • Incense ash

  • A small bag of white silk


How it’s done

  • Insert the clove of garlic, parsley, salt, and incense ash in the white silk bag.

  • Then go to seven churches and present the bag to each of them. It doesn’t matter which churches you visit.

  • After presenting the bag, sit down, and say this prayer:

  • Dear energy work in my favor. Help me feel supported while getting the luck I need, the luck I deserve. Dear energy keeps bad energy and evil away from me. Give me clarity and power. So be it.

  • Always keep the bag with you as an amulet for good luck.


4.Spell to purify your wallet from bad luck

Voodoo spell to purify your wallet

If you believe that bad luck is haunting you and your finances, I recommend that you cast this spell.


Difficulty: Advanced

Effectiveness: 3/5


Things you need

  • A white candle

  • Salt


How it’s done

  • Light the white candle.

  • Holding the white candle in your right hand, make seven turns around the wallet you want to exorcise and purify by throwing salt over it with your left hand.

  • For every turn you make around the object read this magic formula and also throw some salt over it:

  • Go up, I’ll throw you with the hand that God has given me. Salt, I beg you, free and purify, for the power of glory, for the virtue of glory, and for all my intention always for glory, salt, I beg you, free and purify.

  • Place the candle near the wallet and let it burn out on its own.


5.Brazilian Voodoo ritual for abundance

This is a strong ritual that originated in Brazil.

Difficulty: Advanced

Effectiveness: 4/5


Things you need

  • A white candle

  • A glass of coconut milk

  • Two tablespoons of saffron

  • A new bath sponge


How it’s done

  • Light the white candle and staring at the flame of the candle, without blinking, repeat this magic formula until you can’t keep your eyes open anymore – when you have to blink:

  • Aayan lese wura. Wura lese aayan.

  • While the candle is burning, prepare a hot bath.

  • Pour a glass of coconut milk and two tablespoons of saffron into the water.

  • Then immerse yourself in the water and, rubbing your skin well with a new sponge. And while rubbing, repeat the magic formula again.


6.Voodoo spell to attract money with a green candle

Green candle Voodoo money spell

This spell necessitates some unusual chanting.


Difficulty: Advanced

Effectiveness: 4/5



Things you need

  • A green candle

  • A sharp object to engrave the candle

  • A bowl

  • Water

  • Seven-star anise seeds


How it’s done

  • With the pointed object, engrave these words on the green candle:

  • Charismata. Dirua. Maritupe.

  • Pour the water into the bowl and light the green candle.

  • Throw one-star anise seed at a time into the water by reciting, for each seed, this magic formula:

  • Sau iaiate au chrimata. Sau iaiate au dirua. Sau iaiate au maritupe. By virtue of this seed, I will prosper. Para chrimata. Para dirua. Para maritupe. I will be a little richer. Yes, I want. Yes, I will be a little richer.

  • Let the candle burn out.

  • Leave the seeds in the water for seven days.

  • After seven days, collect them and keep them in your wallet forever.


7.365 days Voodoo ritual to attract money

This spell will assist you in attracting money all year.


Difficulty: Advanced

Effectiveness: 4/5


Things you need

  • A chicken feet

  • Whiskey

  • Coarse salt

  • A silver coin

  • Black wire


How it’s done

  • Sprinkle the chicken feet with the whiskey and coarse salt.

  • Put a silver coin between the claws of the feet reciting this magic formula:

  • “Money and luck, luck and money, I humbly welcome you into my home.”

  • With the black thread, tie the claws tightly to the coin so that it can’t fall out. The chicken feet must tighten the coin.

  • Hide the chicken feet in a place in your home where no one will find it.


River Voodoo money ritual

This is one of my favorite Voodoo rituals that necessitate the use of a river.


Difficulty: Beginner-Friendly

Effectiveness: 3/5


Things you need

  • River water

  • A sheet of parchment paper

  • A green marker

  • A glass jar


How it’s done

  • With the green marker, write these magic words on the paper:

  • “AdraAdarah Darah Dra. 10 times richer. 100 times richer. 1000 times richer. “

  • Fold the sheet in half, four times, and put it in the glass jar.

  • Pour the river water into the jar by reciting this magic formula ten times:

  • “AdraAdarah Darah Dra. The waters of luck will bring abundance. There will be no more poverty. Just plenty. “

  • Store the jar (don’t close it) on your bedroom windowsill for ten consecutive nights.

  • On the eleventh day, at dawn, go to a river with your jar and empty the jar in this river. Just make sure that you don’t lose your paper.

  • Let the paper dry for a whole day in the sun.

  • Take it and while kissing it, recite this sentence:

  • “You will bring me luck and abundance.”

  • Keep the paper in a place in your home where no one can find it.


8.Red cloth Voodoo money ritual

With this ritual, you will create unique decor.


Difficulty: Advanced

Effectiveness: 4/5


Things you need

  • A thread

  • A bowl

  • A needle

  • A piece of red cloth

  • Salt

  • Some bill you had to pay

  • Tangerine essential oil

  • Amber incense

  • Four pink candles


How it’s done

  • The first thing you have to do is thread the needle with the thread and go through the bill with it.

  • Then you will have to sew the same bill on the red fabric. It doesn’t matter how you stitch it. Just make sure that it doesn’t move.

  • Then hang the bill on the wall as a ‘decoration’. You can hang it wherever you want.

  • Light the four candles.

  • Put tangerine essential oil in a bowl and place this bowl in a square made of salt.

  • When you do, put the amber incense in the same bowl and stir everything.

  • You must do it counterclockwise, and while doing so, you must recite the following verse:

            “United to my life forever,

  • You will accompany me wherever I go.

  • And even if I always change you for something else

  • To my pockets again and again you will return. “

  • Throughout the procedure, you should think about your goal, which is to earn more money.

  • Imagine the money in your pocket and the amount you want to earn.

  • When you’re done, blow out the candles.


For the spell to take effect, you must perform it several times – at least three times a day for a maximum of fifteen days.


9.Voodoo money spell with rice

This spell is especially useful if you're in the process of selling something or waiting for a loan to be repaid.

Difficulty: Advanced

Effectiveness: 3/5


Things you need

  • Empty wine glass

  • Two green candles

  • White rice

  • Coins


How it’s done

  • We start by lighting two candles that must be located left and right of the wine glass.

  • At the bottom of the cup, we need to place a small magnet.

  • Then, we take a handful of white rice and put it in the glass.

  • After this, we need 12 coins. It is essential that we have 12 coins because each one represents a month in one year.

  • Finally, we let the candles burn until the end.

  • If you can, do it on a crescent moon night.



10.Voodoo money spell to help someone else

You can assist a friend, family member, or anyone else by casting this spell.


Difficulty: Advanced

Effectiveness: 5/5


Things you need

  • A small jar or glass container with a lid

  • Bay leaves

  • Seven coins from your currency

  • A green candle

  • A piece of paper and pencil.


How it’s done

  • First, we light the white candle and place it in front of the jar.

  • Then we insert seven-bay leaves one by one in the jar, repeating for each leaf, the name of the person we want to help.

  • After this, we take seven coins and place them in the jar all at once.

  • On the small piece of paper, we write the name of the person we want to help, and then we need to put it in the jar.

  • Finally, we close the jar with a lid and wait until the entire candle is consumed.

  • This spell can be carried out at any time of the day, but the person benefiting from these spells mustn’t be aware of your casting, as it could cause the opposite effect.