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Powerful Protection Sigil

A sigil is indeed a symbol or design you make that works with your unconscious self to help you reach your goals and dreams. Sigil magic helps you concentrate and get clear on what you want.

The sigil itself doesn't have any magical powers. Instead, it acts as a way to get into your mind. This is why you should always make your own sigils. If you use sigils that were made by someone else, you lose the connection, and the sigil can't be put into your unconscious mind.

Powerful Protection sigil

What is a Sigil of Protection?

A sigil is a sign that means something magical or mysterious. The word "sigil" comes from the Latin word "sigillum," which means "seal." It is also the root of many English words, like "signature," "sign," and "signal. "In the past, a sigil was a type of picture signature that an angel, demon, or spirit left behind. The Lesser Key of Solomon, for example, has the symbols for the princes in hell's hierarchy. People thought that these symbols showed the true name of the spirit and gave the person who used magic some control over the being.


Most sigil making today is a little different, so I'll show you how to make a chaos magic sigil today. A sigil for chaos magic is different from these old sigils because we aren't calling on a specific spirit. Instead, we use a personal intention or goal to make a custom symbol and give it power. Setting an intention is important for many types of spell casting, and making a sigil starts with coming up with a sentence or phrase that best describes what we want to do.

So why do we go to all the trouble of making a sigil when we could just write a sentence about what we want to happen? Well, one of the people who started Chaos magic, Ray Sherwin, can give us some advice. He said, "The magician accepts a wish, makes a list of the right symbols, and arranges them in an easy-to-see glyph." Using any of the gnostic techniques, he makes the sigil real, and then by force of will, he throws it into his subconscious, where it can start to work without being affected by his desires.

It was made to protect you from any kind of harm, whether it's physical or not, like an opponent's evil forces and energies. Protection sigil uses pictographs to make a "bridge" between the conscious and subconscious minds.

Make a protective  sigil if you think someone is trying to hurt you, someone is wishing you bad luck, or evil dark magic is after you. If anything is wrong in your life and you feel like you are in danger, make a protection sigils.

How to Make a Sigil for Protection?

The process of making a sigil has two parts: building and charging. In the first part, the sigil is drawn and made into something real. In the second part, the sigil is "charged" with power, making it more than just a drawing. It is important to set the right intention. In fact, when expressing the intention, it's important to be very clear and not leave any room for confusion. It is important to think carefully about what you want, and the symbol must be short. In real life, you should only use the words you need to say what you want and no more.

Also, the symbol must be shown in a positive way, not in a negative way.

There are a lot of protection sigil in magical words. Normal people, on the other hand, can't understand all the sigils. So, I'm giving you a ready-made, powerful sigils for protection that you can use without any extra work or help from a professional psychic. All you have to do is take the piece of paper, write the sigil on it, and turn it on. You only have to work hard to make the protection sigil work.

Pick the type of sigil you want.

Sigils can be destroyed, only last for a short time, or last forever. Depending on what kind of sigil you want to make, how you make it and how you charge it may be different. Destructible sigils work when they are broken. The burst of energy that gives the sigil its power is made when you destroy something. Most of the time, you write your sigil on a piece of paper and then burn it, but you could also carve your sigil into food and eat it.

Make a Sigils.

Start by writing down in one sentence what you want. It helps to say "I am" instead of "I will be." Also, if your sigil is focused on one thing, it will be more likely to work, so try not to set too many different goals. Then, write down your plan on a piece of paper. I'm going to use the intention "I am calm" as an example. Since I've been in quarantine, I've had a lot more anxiety than usual, so I'm hoping this sigil will help bring in a calming energy.

Next, take out all the vowels and letters that are used more than once in your intention. Then, start putting your remaining letters together one by one to make an abstract symbol. Try not to think too much about how the drawing looks. Instead, let your mind's eye guide you. We're going to burn this sigil anyway, so you don't have to worry about how pretty it is.

Give the Sigil a charge

There are many ways to give a sigil power. Since I'm making a sigil that can be destroyed, it will be charged when I burn it. But before I burn it, I like to put my hands on the sigil and imagine a warm light flowing through my hands and onto the paper for a few moments. You can also charge a sigil by dancing, chanting, or clapping. Choose the method you think works best for the type of sigil you are making.

Make sure you are in a safe, quiet place with no other people around when you burn the sigil. When the sigil is completely burned, it is now charged, and the ashes can be thrown away. Now that your work is done, you can write down the ritual in your grimoire and let the magic do its thing.

The process of turning on Sigil

1. Four incense sticks.

2. Your home soils.

3. A black-coloured candle.

4. The Green Thread.

Sigils For Protection

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