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  Free Spell Good Luck/ Sucess and Prosperity Spell

 Free Spell Good Luck/ Sucess and Prosperity Spell

Before we continue

Casting your own magic spells requires skill and patience, and is generally not recommended. These “do it yourself” spells are provided for educational purposes only; it is strongly advised that you consult an experienced spell caster such as myself and allow me to do the work for you.

This way, you know it's being done by someone knowledgeable and experienced, and I'm always available to answer questions about your casting and provide follow-up at no extra charge.


What you can expect from me:

  • Personalized and private approach

  • Casting completed in less than 24 hours

  • Only the best ingredients and tools are used.

  • Before and after spell casting consultations are provided at no cost.

  • I've worked with hundreds of clients over the years and would love to work with you as well.

Free Spells for Success [For School Exam,Job, Career & More]  

We all have personal goals, and we all know that in order to achieve them, we must work hard. But, at times, it may appear that no matter what we do, success is eluding us.

As is always the case, a little magic can help you achieve your goals, so let's take a look at Spells for Success to give yourself the chance to be the successful person you deserve to be.

What are the Spells for Success?

Spells for success are a distinct type of magic that can be used to attract positive energy, success, wealth, and abundance.

The good thing about them is that they aren't just for work, but they can also be used to attract success in other areas of your life.


What do Success Spells do?

They work with the magic of your intentions, empowering your skills and expanding your possibilities to help you find success and happiness.

There are numerous ways to facilitate access to success in our lives; of course, spells will assist us in making the work much simpler and faster, so here are some excellent spells that will help you achieve whatever you set your mind to.

How long does it take them to work?

For spells and rituals like the ones below, the manifestation time can take up to two weeks, but for talismans, the manifestation time is much faster because they are ready to attract success as soon as they are consecrated and you wear them!


Spells for Success

1.Here’s How to Create a Talisman for Success

Having a talisman to attract success simplifies everything.

I adore talismans because they are simple to consecrate, practical, and effective in attracting what you desire in your life. You can use your imagination and creativity on this one, as you'll need to select symbols and items that mean something to you.

Once you've created your success talisman, you simply need to keep it close by, bringing it with you when you go to work, when you have an interview when you present a project... basically whenever you need a success boost to help you.


Difficulty: Intermediate
Effectiveness: 5/5

Things you need

  • A green candle

  • A purple candle (if you don’t have these candles you can use two white candles dressed with some orange essential oil)

  • A religious talisman (cross, pentacle, star of David, etc.)

  • A chain/necklace


How it’s done

  1. Choose a room that offers you enough space to walk.

  2. Place a green candle on one side of the room.

  3. Light the purple candle and place it in the other corner, facing the green one.

  4. Pick your talisman with your right hand and tie it around your hand using a necklace.

  5. Pick up your purple candle with your right hand (be careful not to let the boiling wax get on your hands), and with a slow but determined step, walk in a straight line towards the green candle.

  6. With the purple candle, light the green candle and place them close together.

  7. Say:
    “I walk ahead without doubt and fear towards success.”

  8. Swing the necklace with a talisman on it, over the flame of the two candles, displaying the success you want to achieve.

  9. When you feel ready and convinced that the talisman is loaded correctly, let the candles burn down completely.

  10. The necklace should always be worn, especially at the time you’re having a crucial moment, like job interviews, an audition, an exam, etc.



2.Vinegar Spell for Success

This is a fantastic spell that will help you achieve your goals much faster and more efficiently. It's very simple to put together because the ingredients are readily available.

If this is your first time casting a spell, this is a wonderful first spell to cast because it is both simple and powerful. Before casting this spell, try to visualize what you want to achieve so that the energy and magic know exactly where to go to change your life and attract success.

It's very simple to put together because the ingredients are readily available.

Difficulty: Beginner-Friendly
Effectiveness: 4/5

Things you need

  • A pen

  • A white sheet

  • Vinegar

  • Incense

  • Honey

  • One garlic clove

  • A transparent glass jar with a lid (or a bottle)


How it’s done

  1. You will need to do it preferably on a Monday or Sunday. The hour in the day doesn’t matter so much, but it is recommended that you do it during daylight hours or working hours. Maybe your lunch break can be perfect for this spell as you will have some time to relax and truly connect with your craft.

  2. To start with this spell, you must light the incense, any fragrance you like (pick your favorite).

  3. You should let its fragrance occupy your space for about an hour.

  4. If after an hour you still notice the aroma, take the garlic clove. Be careful not to damage it or leave marks on it.

  5. Once peeled, place it inside the transparent bottle or a jar.

  6. You will drop three drops of vinegar on the garlic clove, and wait for a few seconds.

  7. You will then add honey. Honey should cover the garlic completely.

  8. When you’re adding honey, you need to say the following words:
    “In me, I see prosperity, well-being, and, above all, success. That’s right and so be it”

  9. When you have finished reciting those words, you should take a sheet of paper and write down your name five times. It doesn’t matter how you write it.

  10. Insert the paper into the jar and close it.

  11. You should take it to your patio to rest in the sunlight for seven days.

  12. When the time passes, you can pick up the jar and bury it in your yard.

  13. The soil must be fertile. The best place to bury it is in your garden.

I love this spell as it’s all about prosperity, wealth, and success all in one. No matter what you want to attract in your life, this spell can do it!

3.A Success Spell For Luck

It’s time to attract some luck into your life.

This spell is not for beginners, but you definitely need to try if you have at least a little bit of experience in spellwork.

Ingredients are easy to find. If you feel like you are out of luck lately, this is the spell you need to boost it!


Difficulty: Intermediate
Effectiveness: 4/5


Things you need

  • Apple vinegar (or traditional classic vinegar)

  • An object that represents you

  • Two white candles

  • Sea salt or coarse salt

  • A white plate


 How it’s done

  1. For this ritual to work as well as possible, you should do it only on Monday, since otherwise, it won’t work. There isn’t a specific hour designed to cast this spell. Do it when you have the chance to focus and spend a few minutes undisturbed.

  2. You must start by lighting the two white candles, once you have lit the candles wait a moment in silence.

  3. When you think you have spent enough time thinking, you should put your hands together and with your eyes closed you should recite the following:

“Success and satisfaction will be achieved through this ritual.”

  1. Once you have finished saying those words, bring the white plate over and deposit the object that identifies you before that ritual.

  2. When you have deposited it in the center of the plate, you must wet it with a little apple cider vinegar.

  3. Then with a little sea salt or fat salt, and wait a few seconds.

  4. After that, bring your object closer to the candlelight, and let burn it for a few seconds.

  5. After that put it away from a candle and wait for seven days.

  6. After a week, take your object and carry it with you wherever you go.

  7. With that, success will accompany you and will always be by your side.

This spell consecrates the object you chose to make it like an amulet to attract success.

4.Crescent Moon Success Ritual

This is a simple ritual with simple ingredients. Cast this spell if you feel like some extra success in your career would help you enjoy it even more! You won't be sorry! It will not only help you achieve your goals, but it will also help you improve your current job.

The most important aspect of this spell is that it be cast on a Crescent Moon night; otherwise, it will not work.

If you are unable to cast it during this lunar phase, simply skip it and choose another!


Difficulty: Beginner-Friendly
Effectiveness: 3/5


Things you need

  • A coin

  • Vinegar

  • Brown paper (or tape)

  • A large transparent glass jar


How it’s done

  1. This ritual must only be done on Mondays or Fridays, at night when there is a crescent moon, otherwise, the result will not be as expected, or it can be delayed.

  2. The first thing you should do is fill the water bottle halfway (it can be tap water).

  3. Once it’s half-filled, you need to add two to three tablespoons of the vinegar and stir it well.

  4. Once it is well stirred, you must take a coin and throw it in a jar. If you have a favorite coin, you can add this one in.

  5. When it touches the bottom of the jar, you need to say:
    “Time and life will grant me what I ask for before everyone else. I (you must say your full name) want success and prosperity to be always in my favor.”

  6. Let some time pass, and in that period you will have to thank the energies that will guide you through the future.

  7. After thanking them, you need to remove the coin from the jar and wrap it with brown paper. It has to be covered tightly. You can throw the water with vinegar away. It doesn’t matter how you do it. Clean the bottle, and you can reuse it for another spell.

  8. Placed it under your pillow for a month, and after a month, you need to carry it around everywhere you go.


5.Salt Spell of Success

This spell is one of the most powerful you can find due to the combination of many ingredients. It's a complicated spell, which is why it's not suitable for beginners.

If this is your first time doing spellwork, skip this one and save it for later. Instead, try one of the other spells in this article.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Effectiveness: 5/5

Things you need

  • One incense stick

  • Juice (or juice) of half a lemon

  • Three tablespoons of sea salt

  • Three bay leaves

  • Handful of rice

  • Wheat flour (one tablespoon)

  • Beach plate

  • Three coins of any kind

  • One white sheet

  • One black or blue pen


How it’s done

  1. Light the incense.

  2. Say these words in a loud and clear voice:
    “I thank you for giving light to my path, for nurturing my destiny and for listening to my prayers.”

  3. Draw a circle with your pen on the white sheet (it doesn’t have to be a perfect circle).

  4. Put the three coins in a triangle position inside the circle you drew.

  5. Place a flat plate on these coins and put on this plate, these elements.

  6. Start with spreading the rice on a plate and say these words:
    “Satisfy my wishes.”

  7. Spread the wheat flour (both white and whole grain) and say:
    “Satisfy my best luck.”

  8. Squeeze half a lemon on the above and repeat:
    “I give purity to my good energy.”

  9. Take salt, spread it (between your fingers) all over, and as you say:
    “I sanitize everything wrong in my way.”

  10. The last spet is to place the three bay leaves in a triangle position (like you did with coins) while saying:
    “Good luck is with me.”

  11. Wait until the incense is burned down, relaxed, close your eyes, and visualize success for every part of your life.

  12. You must throw away the remains, except for the three coins that you must keep in different places (it can be a purse, closet, piggybank, etc.) for your happiness and to attract success.


6.A Mercury Ritual for Success

This ritual is an excellent way to collaborate with the stars and gods to increase your business's success. Remember to respect the gods you invoke and to take your time. Allow yourself plenty of time.

Many times, spells like this one fail to manifest because of how they are cast.

Assume you cast it in a hurry, not fully present in the moment, committed to your practice, and grateful for the energy and spiritual entities around you. In that case, the spell is unlikely to manifest because you are not treating the craft and the energy with the respect they deserve.


Use this ritual as part of a routine to honor your life and increase your chances of success and blessings.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Effectiveness: 4/5


Things you need

  • Seven silver candles

  • Seven sheets of parchment paper

  • A red felt-tip pen

  • A green felt-tip pen


 How it’s done

  1. Arrange the seven silver candles in a circle (around you) and light them clockwise starting from the one facing East.

  2. Write on each of the seven sheets of parchment paper these magic words with the green marker:
    “Mercury here I am” and these with the red marker: “I invoke you”.

  3. Recite this magic formula:
    “I call upon Lord of Arcadia, prince with golden hair, son of the tenth month. The work of Zeus was illustrious in creating the most astute of the gods.
    Keeper of the gates, thief and guide of oxen, you, nocturnal spy, most famous among the immortals, you oh Divine Mercury I invoke you.
    Let the sun enter the underground and fulfill my desires for power.
    Give me the principle of knowledge and let me open the doors of your most divine consciousness.
    Give me your sharp and quick eye as I give you this faith, inviolable and everlasting. Squeeze your light sandals at my feet and let me soar among the most divine pleasures. Let me reach the narrow path to success and let me drink at the source of the sacred fulfillment. For Idris Tauto Ptah and for the names of power aligned with you! I want success, I want it, and I can have it. In your name only, oh Divine Mercury, I want, I desire and I can. “

  4. Burn one sheet of paper at a time with the flame of each of the seven silver candles, starting with the first one you lit (the one facing east).

  5. Let the candles burn down.


7.A Spell For a Brand New Career

This is a special spell that will help you succeed in a new job interview while bringing you luck on your way to a new career.

It's not the easiest spell to cast, but it's undeniably one of the most powerful!

This spell heavily relies on visualization. Make time to properly visualize and see things so that the universe can do the same and know what to do to make it happen!


This spell is very specific, so if you don't have the interviewer's name, company logo, and so on, skip it and use a less specific spell instead!

Difficulty: Intermediate
Effectiveness: 4/5


Things you need

  • A table with a white tablecloth

  • A red ribbon

  • A pen

  • A colored tape

  • Company logo (the one you’re applying for a job at)

  • Cinnamon or vanilla sticks

  • Matches


How it’s done

  1. Write your interviewer’s name on a ribbon.

  2. Fold a picture of a company’s logo.

  3. With the ribbon, you will tie the photo into three parts and fix it with three knots.

  4. While doing this, try to visualize the dialogue with the person in charge of interviewing you, and observe every detail.

  5. In the visualization, try to see yourself being friendly, talking without anxiety, and having a coherent and entertaining conversation.

  6. Each knot will have a purpose on your part, such as liking it, not getting nervous, and seeing you working in that place.

  7. Now, take the matches and light the scented incense.

  8. The incense must be completely burned down before you can walk away.

  9. On the day of the interview, carry the picture in your pocket on the right side.

Final Thoughts

These spells can help you rocket to the top. Don't forget to trust the process and yourself at all times.

Only in this way can spells have all the energy they need to work and give you exactly what you want! Also, don't forget to read my article on herbs that attract success.

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