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Think of Me Spell

You have to be very clear about what you want to do with these white magic rituals because they are mighty and effective, and once you cast them, you can't go back.

You can use powerful think of me spell chants to make someone think about you nonstop, almost like an obsession, feeling attracted and driven to you and desperate to reconnect with you. Assume you have a crush on someone and want him/her to think of you and become more and more interested in you over time.


We've already gone over getting Your Ex Back Spells, Break Up Spells, and Call Me Spells, so let me show you a few of my favorite think of Me Spells.


The duration of these spells' manifestation

These powerful think of me spell chants usually take 10-21 days to manifest. Of course, it is dependent on factors such as your dedication to the practice and your faith in the power of magic. Don't be discouraged if you don't see results right away; instead, give these spells time to work and manifest at their own pace.

Respecting the energy and its time to manifest is essential for a successful experience and a satisfying outcome.



Before we proceed,


Casting your own magic spells requires skill and patience, and is generally not recommended. These “do it yourself” spells are provided for educational purposes only; it is strongly advised that you consult an experienced spell caster such as myself and allow me to do the work for you.


This way, you know it's being done by someone knowledgeable and experienced, and I'm always available to answer questions about your casting and provide follow-up at no extra charge.

Why You Choose Me :

• A personalised and private approach

• Casting completed in less than 24 hours


• Only the best ingredients and tools are used.


• Consultations are provided at no cost both before and after the spell is cast.


A List of Think of Me Spells


1. Think of Me Crescent Moon Spell


This powerful crescent moon spell is linked to the lunar phase power, and it is required to perform this ritual during this time period to see results. This is not an easy spell to cast, and it is best left to experienced witches.


If this is your first time casting a similar spell, I recommend starting with something simpler and more beginner-friendly! You only need a red candle for this one, but a strong intention and commitment are required for this spell to work and manifest.

This is a Wiccan spell, so if Wicca isn't your thing and you're not comfortable practising this type of spell, skip it and try something else! Don't try to force your magic!

For this Wiccan spell to work, you and the desired person must have spoken at least a few times prior to this ritual, and you must, above all, know his/her full name (name and surname).


5/5 for effectiveness

Time: crescent moon

Friday is the day (mandatory)




A red candle and an altar. If you do not have an altar, you can perform the ritual in the magic circle.


How it is carried out


1. On a Friday night, if possible, you should go outside (if you can't, simply open a window, balcony, or terrace) and set up a small altar.


2. Close the magical circle, making sure the altar faces north. If you want to summon the Elemental Guardians, you can, but it's an optional step.


3. Take the candle and engrave your loved one's name on it.


4. Before lighting it, say the following words  towards the moon:


“With love, I call you (name of the desired one)
And I whisper to you I love you.
Following the love that reaches you
(name of the desired one) that love will lead you to me.
Let my person cross your mind..”


5. You can now light the candle and say the following formula:


“Think of me at all hours of the day and night (name of the desired one)

So be it if it doesn't harm anyone.”

6. While the candle is lit, kiss it.


7. You must think about him/her for at least 30 seconds, being intimate with your loved one. I recommend that you spend more than 30 seconds on this part of the visualization.


8. At this point, you must allow the candle to burn. When the candle is completely consumed, you will be able to interpret the shapes of the wax, which will reveal the existence of the ritual ahead of time.


If nothing happens after manifestation time, you can recast this spell, but try to forget about the first attempt so that you have a clean slate and mind to embark on this new adventure.


2. Spell With Athame


This is an advanced version of the first spell in this guide. To achieve good results with this Love ritual, we must first learn as much as we can about the person we want. This spell will be more effective if you and your target have previously interacted.

Some of you want to cast this type of spell on people they've only seen once at a grocery store. These types of spells do not work in this manner! To cast these specific think of me spells, you must have a connection with this person, even if it is a soft, not-so-deep connection, and you must know his or her full name.


Difficulty Level: Advanced


5/5 for effectiveness


We need to know his full name (first and last name) because it is critical to the White Magic success.



• The Altar.


• Athame (if you don't have one, a consecrated knife or a pair of blessed scissors will suffice)


• A burner for incense.


• One cup of salt


• A vase brimming with pink or red flowers (roses will be fine).


• A single red candle.

How it is carried out

1. Use the incense burner with rose essential oil to create a romantic atmosphere.


Trace the Protective Circle with the Ritual Knife, also known as the Athame, and place your Altar in the direction of the North Cardinal Point. You can also call on the energies of the Elemental Spirits to help you with your work, but in retrospect, the Ritual's invocation to the Goddess is sufficient.


2. Check that the moonlight can be seen through the open window or terrace.


3. Take the red candle, rub it with Rose essential oil, and engrave the name of the person you want, always using the Ritual Knife.


4. Concentrate now and take a deep breath. Repeat this formula before lighting the Red Candle, which should be pointed toward the Moon:


“Bright Goddess, Love Goddess.


Pay attention to what I'm saying.


Feel the Heart of.. (say the name of the person you love)


Assist Love by opening my heart to him.


Allow our souls to unite in the Light of Love.


That's fine.”


5. Then, light the red candle, incense stick, and say the following sentence:


” (Say the name of the person). Feel me, remember me, and feel my love for you. Keep me in your thoughts at all hours of the day and night, (repeat the name).”


6. While the Red Candle is still burning, kiss it. Imagine yourself standing next to the person you want for at least a minute, watching as you two hug and kiss. Make this visualization as sincere and intense as possible.


7. Keep this vision in mind as much as possible because it is an essential part of the Love Ritual.


8. Allow the candle to burn completely. When it's all gone, look at the shape of the wax left over before storing it in a small box and putting it in your favorite drawer with a few red rose petals to get a preview of the Ritual outcome.


If the wax is roundish in shape, the outcome is likely to be positive; other forms require more in-depth analysis, but you are confident that the Ritual will work. You must have complete faith in it.


At the end of the ritual, place the remains of the red candle and incense in the rose, in a small box, as expected, and place it in a drawer that holds special meaning for you.

3. Think of Me Spell for 7 Days


This ‘7 days think of me spell' is exactly what you need if you want to try something a little more complex but still beginner-friendly! This powerful but simple spell requires a little bit of daily commitment for a week but, trust me, it is a great way to make a loved one think of you and become desirable!


Beginner- Friendly Difficulty


4/5 for effectiveness



• 7 sheets of paper


• A red marker


• A lighted red candle


How it is carried out


1. Write your name and the name of the person you want to have a romance with on a piece of paper. Include both of your birth dates.


2. Rewrite everything three times and surround it with a heart.


3. Fold this paper in half, then fold it again, and finally light the red candle.


4. With a candle, burn this paper while saying:


“The flame is alive, the fire is burning, my love is on her way, and the hour is late!” “


5. After six days, extinguish the candle and repeat the ritual.


Don't forget to repeat the ritual every day for the next six days after the first time to form a magical bond with your love interest!

If you are unable to perform this spell on a daily basis, skip it. Consistency is essential for allowing this type of ritual to take place. If you commit to 7 days, you will see amazing results! If you miss a day, simply take a day off and recast this spell, making sure to do it every day for 7 days in a row this time.


4. Think of Me Spell with No Ingredients


This beginner-friendly spell is a great way to combine simple magickal gestures, easy-to-find ingredients, and a simple but very powerful invocation. In fact, with the assistance of Archangel Chamuel, a piece of paper, and a red pen, you can make someone constantly think of you.


It is critical that you visualize what you say as you chant these words and truly feel the need and desire for the other person to think of you. Spend some time focusing on this, and then cast the spell with a more powerful intention and an open and receptive soul! It will pique this person's interest even more!


Beginner-Friendly Difficulty


4/5 for effectiveness


All you need is some white paper and a red pen.


How it is carried out


To cast this love spell, write the desired person's name on a piece of paper with a red pen and fold it several times until the paper becomes tiny.

Then, with your right hand, select a sheet of paper and repeat its name three times.

Then say aloud: "Powerful Archangel Chamuel, help me (name of person) never stop thinking about me" (your name). Through this powerful prayer, I (your name) will be the only one in your thoughts.


To lie down thinking of me, to call me today and ask me to be with him/her for the rest of his/her life.”

Finally, place the white paper under the pillow and repeat the loved one's name three times. Sleep with this white paper under your pillow for three nights in a row, then hide it. After that, you will be the only thing on his or her mind. If nothing happens after a few weeks, recast the spell and see what happens!

5. Subconscious Thief's Spell

Even though this spell is simple to cast, it is one of the most powerful because it works with the subconscious mind of the person you want in your life.


When it comes to attraction spells like this one, the power of the subconscious mind comes into play because we want this particular person to think about us all the time, right? As a result, this is a very powerful way to connect with yourself on a mental subconscious level.


Some of you have contacted me because you don't have a photo of the person you want to attract. This type of spell requires it as a mandatory ingredient, so if you don't have one, simply substitute another one; otherwise, the spell will not work and the hoped-for results will not manifest.


Difficulty Level: Advanced


4/5 for effectiveness




1.There are five white candles.

2.A glass of white vinegar.

3.A photograph of the desired individual.


How it is carried out

1.Begin by drawing a circle with the salt on the ground so you can step inside it.

2.Place the candles around the circumference and light them, then place the photograph inside.

3.Place the vinegar on top of the photo and say aloud, "Think of me as much as I think of you; fulfil my desire to be my will."

4.Finish by twisting the candles counterclockwise, taking a picture, and writing "think of me today" behind it.

6. The Nightfall Consider/Think of Me Spell

This spell will make your loved one or desired one think of you both throughout the day and night. This is one of those spells that will make someone think of you all the time.


It is simple to cast and perform, and it makes use of the power of a photograph and a rose to entice love and passion from this specific person. This spell must be performed at night with a calm mind.


If you are frustrated because the target of this spell is ignoring you or something similar, try to forget about it and believe that this is your chance to make a deep mental connection. You've got this!


Difficulty: Easy for beginners


3/5 for effectiveness




A red candle is lit.

A photograph of the deceased.

A stick of rose incense.

How it is carried out


To begin, rub the red candle with your hands to transmit all of our body's energy and desire.

Then we must imagine the loved one and imagine what we would do if we were with her, repeating it aloud.

While you imagine the special subject by your side, light a candle and incense.

A visualization is a powerful tool for allowing the important law of attraction to work, especially when it comes to something we want and want to achieve in life. Spend a few moments with a candle to relax and become accustomed to the practise, and you will be amazed at the results.

Last Thoughts

As I always say, the spell serves to bless you and facilitate your desire, but you must also act as if you believe in the power of your connection and in your magickal abilities before, during, and after the spell casting experience.


It is pointless to perform a think of me spell while "obsessing" over the other person all day and night; if you decide to try one of these spells, you must continue to act in this manner. Expect nothing and do not attempt to divert or force contact with your target. Allow the magic to do its work, and you will see results.


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